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AFib Risks: Spandan ECG Role in Helping with Brain Clot

Brain Clot

Author:- Mr. Ritesh Sharma

Our body hugely relies on the heart rhythm to function. When this rhythm is in its ideal state, our cardiovascular health is in the ideal state. However, when this heart rhythm falters, it inevitably gives rise to various cardiac arrhythmias. One of the dangerous cardiac arrhythmias is the arrhythmia classification Atrial Fibrillation of AFib. This arrhythmia gives rise to heart palpitations due to rapid heartbeats originating from the upper chambers (atrial) of the heart. Furthermore, it can also lead to a brain clot by forming a blood pool in the atria.

Not only this, this arrhythmia can also result in the formation of a brain clot that can elevate the risks of stroke. The complications from a stroke can be dire and the patient teeters between life and death in this situation. However, at this time of emergency, a portable ECG machine like Spandan ECG comes like a beacon of hope.

This pocket-size ECG machine helps you deal with AFib and steers clear you of conditions like brain stroke. How so? We shall find out in this blog below.

Understanding AFib and Brain Clot

Due to the presence of AFib, the heart’s natural rhythm gets disrupted. This situation is cause for alarm as it results in the blood pool in the atria. This blood pool starts forming clots rapidly. These clots when dislodged travel through the bloodstream. When this happens, the arteries of the brain get blocked and the risk of a brain clot formation resulting in a stroke substantially increases. 

The worst part with AFib is that it does not occur in a pattern that doubles the risk of stroke in comparison to the other arrhythmias causing clots in the human body. The brain clot symptoms range from lightheadedness to fainting. Furthermore, to mitigate the risk of brain stroke caused by AFib, it is important to nip it in the bud. For this, an electrocardiogram comes in handy. 

Through an ECG test, we can identify the atrial fibrillation with the help of an abnormal ECG in the report. After identifying the arrhythmia, the brain clot treatment can begin promptly and the patient could be saved from a potentially hazardous situation. 

The Role of ECG in Preventing a Brain Clot

The complications from AFib can be dire. Furthermore, one of its worst complications is the formation of a Brain Clot resulting in a stroke. However, with an ECG test, you can prevent these complications from a stroke. ECG gives you a clear picture of the heart’s electrical activity. In the case of AFib, the heart rate is erratic and irregular. Hence, the ECG report will highlight these abnormalities in the heart. The electric signals in the heart in the case of AFib will be chaotic and rapid which are vividly indicated by an ECG test. 

Additionally, AFib is also represented by a P-wave ECG abnormality. In this arrhythmia, the normal P-wave morphology is often absent or distorted. In other words, instead of appearing upright and smooth, the p-waves are either irregular or completely absent. Another characteristic of atrial fibrillation is that in this the interval between two heartbeats is irregular in contrast to the normal sinus rhythm in which this interval is consistent.

How Does Spandan ECG Help in Detecting AFib?

Since brain clots are one of the most dangerous complications of AFib, detecting the arrhythmia on time becomes crucial. In this, a portable ECG machine like Spandan proves to be a boon. This 12-lead ECG device can detect atrial fibrillation and give you a report within a few minutes. You can use it in emergency situations anywhere, the device is lightweight (between 12 to 14 grams) and can be carried to any place easily. 

Apart from this, you can use its 3 leads feature to perform the ECG promptly and detect the presence of atrial fibrillation. The report you get from Spandan ECG has a 99.7% trace accuracy and you can zoom in on the ECG traces up to 50X. Therefore, you can perform an ECG test immediately and send the report to your healthcare professional for further examination. The ECG test from Spandan ECG is almost as good as the ECG test from traditional ECG monitoring. 

Moreover, through its lightweight and pocket-size feature, the device enables you to perform an ECG test promptly in emergency situation of AFib. Once you detect AFib, the complications of a brain stroke from it can be avoided. 

How does timely detection of AFib prevent the risk of a Brain Clot?

By timely detecting AFib you can prevent all of its complications. The blood pool formed by AFib which results in a brain clot can be avoided if the arrhythmia is timely detected. You can take the medications prescribed by your healthcare professional or get surgery done if required. Once AFib is treated, the heart rhythm restores to normal sinus rhythm and there is no longer a risk of brain stroke. All the risks of stroke and complications from a stroke can be avoided by timely detection and treatment of AFib.

Why Choose Spandan ECG for AFib Risks?

Choosing Spandan ECG is beneficial for the risks posed by atrial fibrillation because it is the most promising portable ECG machine. AFib can occur anytime, anywhere, the same way, Spandan ECG can perform an ECG test anytime, anywhere. Not only this but including AFib, the portable ECG machine detects 12 types of arrhythmias, 13 types of heart dysfunctions, and 14 types of infarction and ischemia. Therefore, if there is an underlying condition along with the arrhythmia, the device will competently detect that as well.

In conclusion, in maintaining optimal cardiovascular health, Spandan ECG is your best bet. It can prevent conditions like a brain clot by timely identifying AFib. Hence, if you ever suspect this arrhythmia, using Spandan ECG for an instant ECG test is super beneficial for you. It gives you your ECG report through spandan ECG app indicating the disease within a few minutes and you can start with the treatment promptly and prevent complications from the conditions, such as a brain clot resulting in a stroke. 


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