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Your first step towards a healthy organization

Prioritize your team’s health with the Healthy Employee Program to ensure productivity and positivity. Invest in your employees’ health for a healthier work environment.

Why choose Healthy Employee Program?

Heart Health Package

Complete Health-Analysis Package

The Healthy Employee Program entails various tests to check different parameters of human physiology that enable the detection and prediction of potential risks. This helps in the prevention of abnormalities and early diagnosis and treatment. 

12 Lead ECG Test

Records electrical activity of the heart, assesses heart health and heart age, and diagnoses abnormal conditions.

HRV Test

 Evaluation of heart rate variation, stress coping ability, anxiety levels, and much more.

Blood Pressure & Sugar Test

Checks whether blood pressure and sugar levels are within optimal and balanced ranges.

Hemoglobin Test

 Measures the level of haemoglobin in the blood, an indicator of oxygen-carrying capacity

Alfa Test

Assesses various physiological parameters of the human body, and collects data related to ECG & body motor characteristics.

Healthy Employees = Healthy Organization

Comprehensive Health Assessment

Get department-wise evaluations and personalized employee health profiles, and get accurate data visualization and analytics of the test results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where we aim to provide answers to the common questions you have.

The Sunfox Corporate Health Camp is a comprehensive health and well-being initiative designed for businesses. It combines medical testing, data analysis, and a user-friendly dashboard to provide insights into the health status of employees.

The initiative includes a range of health assessments, including ECG tests and other relevant medical evaluations to comprehensively evaluate employee health.

The primary objectives are to assess and monitor employee health, identify potential health risks, provide actionable insights to employers, and promote a culture of well-being within organizations.

Yes, we provide detailed reports highlighting individual and collective health statistics, enabling employers to make informed decisions.

Our team conducts in-depth analysis of the collected data to identify health trends, risk factors, and stress levels among employees.

Businesses can expect improved employee health, informed decision-making, reduced healthcare costs, enhanced employee morale, and a competitive advantage in attracting top talent.

Boost your employee productivity & retention With Sunfox’s Healthy Employee Program

The Healthy Employee Program aims to improve the overall health of the workforce, which can lead to an increase in creativity and efficiency at work. By showcasing care and compassion, organizations can ensure a healthier relationship with their employees.

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