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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will interpret the ECG?
Spandan is an Intelli- ECG monitoring device that interprets data through its algorithm, allowing the average person to understand it in simple terms and assisting doctors in making a quick diagnosis.
What is the accuracy of the device?
Spandan has achieved a trace accuracy of 99.7%
How many ECGs can be performed using Spandan ECG device?
Unlimited ECGs! Not only that, but Spandan does not require any paper to display the results; instead, it just saves the report as a pdf file on your phone or tablet
What is the warranty of the device?
Spandan ECG device comes with a replacement warranty of two years
How can we take 12 lead ECG with Spandan?
Place the red chest lead on your right shoulder and the green one on your left. Take the yellow chest lead and place it in the different locations given in the Spandan app, one step at a time. Take your test and generate the report
Does Spandan app require an Internet connection?
No, Spandan does not require any battery or internet connection
Why am I getting different interpretations on every test?
It all depends on the patient's general heart health and how the test was performed. If the test is not carried out properly, they may obtain varying results
Why is the application showing abnormal ECG everytime?

There could be various reasons why the device is giving an abnormal ECG result. Some of which are:

  • If the ECG is always abnormal, it's possible that the individual doing the test has a cardiac history or has a pacemaker implanted in his body.
  • If the individual doing the ECG test has a lot of body hair, the electrode will not adhere effectively, and the device will indicate an abnormal ECG.

(Please note, use a new pair of electrodes and never use the same electrode again, as this can lead to the loss of adhesives and the AgCl gel that is used in the electrodes when comes in contact with body sweat decreases its conductivity which decreases its quality and results in increase in noise)

Why does the application still say ‘connect the device’ even after it's connected?

Some of the reasons why it happens are:

  • The OTG feature is not enabled. You can enable it from the device’s settings.
  • USB is not properly connected.
  • The USB port is loose.
Why all the ECGs are showing straight lines?

Straight lines might appear:

  • If the electrodes are not correctly attached to the person's body.
  • If the person has a lot of body hair, the electrodes won't be able to adhere to the skin properly resulting in a straight line.
Why should the device always be in a hanging position while taking an ECG?

The device has a microchip in it which works on such a principle that it should not touch any surface while obtaining an ECG

What are the extended warranty plans and how many times can I replace my device under the replacement warranty of two years?

At present there is no limit to this well if its not working you can simply call our customer success team for any issue

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