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Meet the revolutionary portable ECG device

Meet the revolutionary medical grade ECG device

Stay updated on your heart health with Spandan ECG

Spandan compact ECG machine is a 12 lead, 99.7% accurate ECG device that offers heart monitoring and unlimited ECG tests at home, just with the help of your smartphone. Spandan Portable ECG monitor is easy to use and convenient to carry around. It detects 21 arrhythmia patterns, 12 heart dysfunctions and 12 kinds of STEMI and ischemia. Providing different kinds of tests with live ECG monitoring, Spandan, the pocket ECG, makes heart health an effortless achievement.

Get ECG report by following just
four simple steps

1. Download Spandan ECG app

Go to Google Playstore and download the Spandan ECG app.

2. Connect Spandan

Connect the device with the help of USB cables with your Smartphone.

3. Stick the Electrodes

Place the electrode on your chest with the help of chest leads.

4. Track your Health Heart

Test and Generate report. Share it with experts and save it.

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What Sets Spandan Apart

A dynamic list comprising all the things that Spandan offers you along with at-home ECG.

No Internet, No Battery

The Spandan device uses no battery and derives power from the mobile it is connected to. No internet is required for our ECG app for smartphones, either.

ECG in just 10 Seconds

In case of emergency, you can get your ECG done in just 10-15 seconds with the help of our portable ECG machine, Spandan.

99% ECG Acurracy

When the procedure for ECG testing is followed correctly, our device can give a trace accuracy of up to 99.7%.

Feather Like Weight

Weighing only 12 gms, Spandan is the portable ECG device that you can travel with anywhere you like.

No Hidden App Charge

You do not need to pay any fee for either downloading or updating our ECG app for smartphones. Spandan application is 100% free to use.

2 Years Warranty

Secure your heart health requirements with a device that comes with a replacement warranty of two years.

Over 46 Heart Dysfunction
so you live worryless


Kinds of Arrhythmia
early detection


Heart dysfunction
early detection


Heart Dysfunction
early detection

Light On Pocket But Performs Like Beast 😱

Good heart health can now be achieved by saving time, money, and energy while you’re resting at home. What else does one need?
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Test, Generate & Share the report in a minute!!

Spandan generates PDF reports that can be printed directly
on A4 sheets. This presents as the perfect alternative in
emergencies. Generate the report, connect to any printer,
and get the hard copy of your ECG in no time.

3 Chest Leads for all ECG’s. Simple and Handy

Spandan derives its portability and simplicity from the fact that it uses a 3 chest lead single channel for tracking your ECG. By moving the leads in sequential order, one can get 99.7% trace accuracy with our portable ECG device.

Updated User Interface

Spandan is the technological convergence towards wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

Compact size but world wide impact

Spandan has successfully created a chain of support that connects all the primary clinics, healthcare workers, and middle-class families to simple yet effective ECG monitoring. While our numbers speak for our performance, we are still working towards creating networks through which the availability, accessibility, and affordability of high-quality medical equipment become a reality for every class of the general public.

30 Thousand+

App Downloads so far

2.5 million+

Heartbeats Recorded

50 thousand+

Tests and Counting

5 thousand+

Happy Doctors

Take the first step
towards a Healthy Heart!!

*Spandan ECG app is currently available for android user only.

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