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Spandan ECG Disposable Electrodes (50-Piece Set)

Spandan 12-lead electrodes are high-quality and are convenient to use. They are an essential part of ECG monitoring which are to be placed on the chest to record electrical activity of the heart and assist the diagnostics of heart conditions

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Product Description

  • Electrodes help in effective ECG diagnosis.
  • High quality electrodes with good adhesion.
  • Disposable electrodes, each electrode to be used only once.
  • Portable electrodes and can be carried anywhere.
  • Latex-free and user-friendly.


Name of the BrandSpandan
ManufacturerMedico Electrodes International Ltd.
Country of OriginIndia
Number of electrodes in 1 pack
Weight of 1 pack of electrodes
79 gm
Dimensions of 1 pack of electrodes
26 * 17 * 4 cm
Weight of a single electrode
1 gm
Dimensions of a single electrode
40 * 36 * 1 mm
Latex free, Adhesive, easy to use


  • ECG diagnostic electrodes
  • Disposable
  • Portable & easy to use
  • High quality electrodes
  • Latex-free
  • Good adhesion


What are ECG electrodes used for?

Ans.  ECG electrodes are an important part of ECG monitoring, and are to be placed on the chest to record electrical activity of the heart.

Can I reuse electrodes?

Ans. No, you cannot reuse electrodes. Electrodes are disposable. Each electrode is only to be used once.

Why do ECG electrodes expire?

Ans. Electrodes contain a conductive adhesive gel, and over time, that gel begins to dry out. This is why electrodes expire.

What are the guidelines to store electrodes?

Ans. It is favorable to store electrodes at room temperature. If you wish to keep electrodes in storage for longer than a month, keep them between +5°C (41°F) and 27°C (80.66°F) in temperature. The electrodes should not be kept in a refrigerator or freezer. Avoid exposure to intense heat and sunlight.

What happens if the electrodes are not placed correctly?

Ans. If the electrodes are not placed correctly, the ECG report might not be accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions

The accuracy of Spandan 12 Lead ECG Device is 99.7% on trace. It is the most accurate ECG device in the portable ECG segment.

Spandan 12 Lead ECG device is very easy to use. You need to place the chest leads accordingly and get the free reports through your smartphone. 1st one you need to place on the right arm, 2nd one on left, and 3rd one’s position need to be changed from V1 to V6, and then lead I and lead II.

Spandan’s smart portability and reliability make it the first choice of every user. It lets you take your ECG test safely as it does not produce any harmful radiation and has no side-effects.


NABL 60601-2-25, NABL 60601-1-2, NOC for sales in India by CDSCO.

Spandan 12 Lead ECG  device provides free automated interpretation which means that the test results will be automatically generated through the application. The application has in-built technology to read the interpretation for the user.

You can book your free virtual demo with our experts either before or after the purchase. You just need to share your contact details with us or call us at 7060000556 for the demo.

The automated interpretation can be read by any non-professional or by any doctor. The Spandan 12 Lead ECG application specifies the particular name of the heart disease or abnormality and is easy to read and understand.

Spandan ECG is a 12-lead ECG device and offers unlimited 12-lead ECG tests with 99.7% accuracy and free interpretation. There are 3 chest leads: 1st one you need to place on the right arm, 2nd one on left, and 3rd one’s position needs to be changed from V1 to V6, and then lead I and lead II.

Spandan 12 Lead ECG application is totally free and no extra in-app charges of any kind are to be paid.

Spandan 12 Lead ECG Device can be returned within 10 days of purchase and the buyer will get 100% refund. We also offer a 2 year replacement warranty.

Spandan 12 Lead ECG is highly effective as a point of care device when heart attack symptoms like chest pain, palpitations, fatigue, etc, are experienced. It is also useful to differentiate between gas pain and cardiac pain, and also for people who have a history of heart attack or cardiac surgery.

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    Good quality electrodes with good adhesion. Will order more.

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