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Spandan ECG: Beyond Handhelds & Conventional ECG Machine

Conventional ECG Machine

Author:- Mr. Ritesh Sharma

ECG is one of the most essential diagnostic tests in the realm of heart health and it would be appropriate to say that Spandan ECG revolutionized this test forever. It steered clear of conventional ECG monitoring and handheld ECG device techniques and transcended the way of performing the test. This portable ECG machine rises above the norms of ECG monitoring and makes the test more convenient and easier than ever. 

The portable ECG machine has not only broken new ground with its efficiency and user-friendly design, but it has also beaten all of its contemporaries to come out as the only ECG device with such high accuracy and reliability. We claim that Spandan ECG supersedes traditional ECG monitoring and other handheld ECG devices in the market by a huge margin. 

Now, you must wonder, what makes Spandan ECG cut above the rest. Why should you prefer it over conventional ECG machines and handheld ECG devices? We will elucidate this point in the most refined and comprehensive way in this blog.

How does a Handheld ECG Machine Work?

Handheld ECG machines are portable ECG devices that monitor your heart’s electrical activity anytime and anywhere. These devices can be used for personal use and clinical purposes by doctors. Through this ECG machine, you can perform a variety of tests at your convenience and the hassle of visiting hospitals frequently is saved. 

Much like traditional ECG monitoring, the handheld ECG machine also needs components like electrodes and leads. However, these machines are much more convenient to use and more advanced in function. While the handheld ECG machines prove to be a great invention in the realm of heart health, they also come with some limitations. 

Most handheld ECG machines require frequent charging and an internet connection. Hence that reduces its accessibility in the remote regions. Nevertheless, handheld devices trump traditional ECG monitoring in every conceivable way with their user-friendly design, sharp accuracy, and advanced diagnostic tests. The handheld devices can perform varied diagnostic tests that detect diseases ranging from heart palpitations to cardiac arrhythmias of different arrhythmia classifications and even something as dangerous as a heart attack with their staggering features. 

What is Pulse Rate? Understanding Conventional ECG Monitoring

Before explaining how Spandan is better than conventional ECG monitoring, let us try to understand how conventional ECG monitoring works. In conventional ECG monitoring, three major equipment are used, that are electrodes, leads, and a recording device. The electrodes are placed on particular areas of the body, mainly the legs, arms, and chest. 

These electrodes are connected to a recording machine via leads. These electrodes act as sensors and they pick up electrical impulses from the heart as it contracts and relaxes. These impulses are picked up from different angles in the body. These impulses from the heart are amplified and presented as a waveform in the recording machine. The representation of the ECG waves is done as a P-wave, QRS Complex, and T-wave

These waves on the monitor or a piece of paper represent normal ECG and abnormal ECG. While traditional ECG monitoring produces accurate results, it is very time-consuming and requires the patient to visit the hospital necessarily for the test to be done. Hence, prompt medical intervention is not possible in this case and patients, many times, face fatal issues.

How is Spandan better than Handhelds and Conventional ECG Machines?

Spandan is a portable ECG machine that is better than handheld and conventional ECG machines in every possible way. To elucidate this stance in a more detailed manner, we have covered the following points:- 

Comparison with Conventional ECG Machine:-

  • Compact Size and Portability: Spandan legacy is as accurate (99.7% accuracy) and reliable as a regular ECG machine, but it is smaller and more portable. Moreover, its size is much more compact than any other portable ECG device/handheld in existence. 
  • Generates Reports Within a Few Minutes: Through traditional ECG monitoring and handheld ECG devices, the ECG reports are generated accurately, but it takes some time. However, that is not the case with Spandan ECG, it generates ECG reports within a few minutes so that you can take prompt action for heart irregularities.
  • Generation of Reports in PDF: Spandan generated reports in its online application in the form of a PDF. The ECG traces in these reports can be zoomed in up to 50 X. This is a stark contrast to traditional ECG monitoring in which the reports are generated in A4 sheets.
  • Variety of Tests: Spandan does variety of advanced diagnostic tests, while conventional ECG machines can only perform a 12-Lead ECG test. 
  • ECG on a Smartphone: With Spandan, you can take an ECG on a smartphone, but with conventional ECG machines, we need a separate heavy monitor for ECG tests.   

Comparison with Handheld ECG Machine:-

    • Lightweight: The portable ECG machine only weighs about 12 to 14 grams which is much lighter than any other handheld ECG machine. 
    • No Battery/ Internet Required: While handheld ECG machines let you perform an ECG test at home or on the go, most of them require a battery and an internet connection. This is where Spandan ECG excels. It works without a battery or an internet connection and comes in handy in remote and village locations. 
    • 6 Advanced Diagnostic Tests: Spandan ECG lets you perform 6 advanced diagnostic tests, unlike handheld ECG devices. Through the portable ECG machine, you can perform 12 Lead ECG, Lead 2 ECG, Hyperkalemia Test, Live ECG Monitoring Test, Heart Rate Variability Test, and Heart Risk Calculator Test. 
    • Clearest ECG Traces: Spandan ECG gives clearer ECG traces than traditional ECG monitoring and other handheld devices. Therefore, even the most minute heart abnormalities can be detected easily. 
    • Detection of different Heart Abnormalities: Through the portable ECG machine, 12 types of arrhythmias, 13 types of heart dysfunctions, and 14 types of Myocardial infarctions and ischemia can be detected. No other handheld ECG devices are able to perform these many tests with utmost accuracy.

    Spandan ECG is your best bet when it comes to ECG devices, it rivals traditional ECG monitoring and handheld ECG devices and is more efficient and reliable than those. For this reason, it is preferred by thousands of users and doctors in over 15 countries. With its user-friendly design and convenience in usage, the device is continuously thriving in the domain of healthcare and is challenging the norms of conventional ECG every day. 


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