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Spandan ECG device and Android Application is mainly designed for general household use, Hospitals and clinics.
Spandan ECG is a unique product in the market which provides patients and health conscious individuals an easy access to check and maintain their heart health.

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Our Impacts

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  • Pakistan
  • China
  • Oman

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the smallest device that measures your ECG and cardiac arrhythmia simply and quickly. After your checkups, you can easily share it with your Doctors in the PNG or PDF format through Watsapp, email and other social platforms. Spandan ECG device and Android Application is mainly designed for general household use, Hospitals and clinics. The manual will guide you to use Spandan ECG device and Application smartly. Please read the Important Safety Information in this instruction manual before using the unit. For specific information about your own ECG results, we suggest you to CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR.

SPANDAN ECG DEVICE: World’s smallest ECG device, which can measure your ECG and 21 types of Arrhythmia’s. Connect the device with your smartphones attach leads and electrodes to it and perform your test. It gives you result within 30 seconds. Our device is well tested and authorizes in the labs of SUNFOX TECHNOLOGIES. THREE LEAD ELECTRODES A lead is a glimpse of the electrical activity of the heart from a particular angle. These 3 views are collected by placing electrodes or small sticky patches on the chest and Stomach. These electrodes are connected to the Spandan Device which is connected to your smart phone that registers your heart's electrical activity. The main purpose of the 3-lead ECG is to screen patients for possible cardiac ischemia. It helps to quickly identify 21 types of Arrhythmia. USB CABLE All you need to do is to connect USB cable to the mobile phone and the other one to your Spandan Device. ELECTRODES:We are providing 12 AGCL equipped Electrodes with one unit of Spandan device and single electrode can be used for 2 or 3 times. And in case if you have used your all electrodes you can buy it from market electrodes are easily available in the market.

Always consult your doctor before self-diagnosis or self-treatment/diagnosis as it can be dangerous. People with prior Heart problems, or Heart disorders, should consult a doctor before and after using the unit. If there are any abnormalities during the measurement, remove the leads or change the electrode pads. Use only the approved leads and device for this unit. Buy the electrodes at Do not disassemble the unit.

Spandan ECG Application is equipped with Special programme started to provide better guidance to use Spandan Portable ECG device. “Spandan Healthy Heart Programme” provides the patient to go through Blogs and Articles available about different kinds of Arrhythmia, Leads Placements etc. Spandan Healthy Heart Programme is a futuristic approach as it shares the history of the report and records the episodes, which is accessible by the patient and the Doctor simultaneously. It is also a concise guide to maintain a healthy life style by being a proud customer of Spandan portable ECG device.

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