30 minutes of routine physical activity to make your heart Evergreen:

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Posted on - April 27, 2021

Physical activity plays an important role to maintain your heart health. A 30 minute of physical exercise is an effective tool that can be used for strengthening the heart muscles, guarding the arteries against any damage from high cholesterol, blood sugar, and high blood pressure, and also keeps weight under control. Adapting to routine workouts is very important for patients with cardiovascular disease as their physical capacity is low compared to others.

Doing physical activity protects the heart from becoming prone to cardiovascular disease contributes towards the overall fitness of the body. Regular exercising improves muscular functions and contributes to the body’s ability to take in and use oxygen. As one becomes habitual of exercising, the body’s ability to transport and use oxygen improves, and thus regular activities are performed with less fatigue.

It impacts the functioning of the body and helps the heart to push more blood with each beat, keeping control of the blood pressure. The body becomes flexible and improvement in the bones can also be noticed. Making physical activities a habit lowers the likelihood of one having back pain or any other kind of disability.One should not perform intensive exercises at the beginning and then regret later, remember that the body takes time to adjust to new habits. Involving in any kind of physical activity for 30 minutes is a must, start with less intensity and then move accordingly as the body desires. Performing small physical activity like walking 2 to 3 miles per hour, swimming, cycling or exercising and, doing yoga at the beginning with less intensity should be adopted. Engaging in thirty minutes of exercise daily results in 600 to 1200 calories of energy expended per week.

Staying inactive leads to the loss of muscle tissues, which leads to weakness, increasing the risk of injury and cardiovascular disease. The importance of a healthy heart to live a quality life are too great, a regular exercise routine will help one to keep your heart healthy for years.


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