Nitin Chandola

Posted on - March 10, 2021

Left bundle branch block occurs when both the lower chambers of the heart are not in sync, the activation of the lower left chamber of the heart is delayed and it contracts later than the lower right chamber of the heart. It is usually caused due to high blood pressure, reaction to cardiac surgery, or the enlargement or weakness of the heart muscles. Symptoms of the left bundle branch can only be noticed if there are other heart issues present. Usually, people with other heart issues and left bundle branch have issues of breathing and fatigue. Generally, young and healthy people do not show signs of left bundle branch block, if there is a presence then showing the reports to the doctor is recommended to know there are no other heart issues. Older people with left bundle branch block have a high risk of heart failure.

  • Monitoring symptoms is very important.
  • Checking in with the doctor once every 4 months is recommended for better analysis of the heart health.
  • Having a check on your diet and weight is mandatory.
  • Take a step towards quitting smoking and alcohol for a healthy life ahead.