Importance of Electrocardiogram and Spandan ECG device

Nitin Chandola

Posted on - July 16, 2019

Electrocardiography is the diagnostic method of recording the electrical activity of the Heart. The traditional method of measuring the ECG is through use of chest leads on the skin. The ECG by chest leads are most accurate and can be a basis for diagnosis of Heart related diseases. ECG usually cost a ransom in premium heart centers of India. Most of the Heart disorders and Arrythmias leads to Acute Myocardial Infraction in long run of life. Hence, regular ECG monitoring is the key to better health and blissful life.  Spandan ECG device is the most affordable range of ECG and Arrhythmia monitoring device in Indian markets available across the territories to solve the problems of your unhygienic lifestyle. Here is how Spandan ECG can solve your heart related problems:-

  1. It monitors your heart conditions by using algorithms based on medical standards.
  2. Spandan equips with special features to calculate arrhythmias base on your heartbeat and QRS complex, which provides nearly accurate conditions of your heart.
  3. Spandan premium app is provided with a live monitor, which can be used for the live feed of your heart health.
  4. The ECG by Spandan Application can be shared on various platforms like WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, Hike, and others.
  5. The “Spandan Healthy Heart Programme” provides the storage of your reports for the lifetime and IT’s FREE!!
  6. The ECG and Arrhythmia tests are provided by pop-ups that will guide you to use the device and application.
  7. The Spandan ECG is based on the philosophy of telemedicine hence, the patient can be treated by doctors from the remotest part of the world.
Spandan ECG comes with a warranty of one year for hardware services. Hence, to make best of the technology is always our aspiration.