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Posted on - April 27, 2021

Heart rate variability is a vital biomarker to know about the lifestyle of people and understand the changes that can be taken for a healthy lifestyle. Advancement in the healthcare technology has made HRV a common topic among people these days. One such contribution to the healthcare technology is of Spandan portable ECG, it provides you complete interpreted reports to monitor both your Heart rate and Heart Rate Variability.

HRV measures the time between each heartbeat. It acts as a biomarker for health and fitness and helps to predict the cardiac morbidity and mortality. HRV plays an important role towards healthy lifestyle and has a strong influence on quality of life. HRV changes depending on day to day activities and work related stress. It is higher when the heart is beating slowly, for example meditation or sleep, and HRV is lower when the heartbeats are faster, like in case of stress or exercise. Low HRV is accompanied by cardiovascular disease, diabetes and psychiatric disorder. People having high HRV have grater cardiac fitness and are more resilient to stress. HRV acts as a biomarker and helps to see how one can cope with stress, person who has higher HRV are actually healthier. It is interesting to know how Heart Rate Variability can tell a lot about your lifestyle, people with a healthy lifestyle has positive effect on the autonomic nervous system which leads to reduction in the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. HRV helps as a motivator for those who wish to take a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

How to improve HRV:

Heart health and HRV go hand in hand and therefore the best way to measure your HRV is to invest in device that can monitor and track your heart health. Spandan portable ECG helps its user to monitor their heart performance and provides detailed report on the electrical stability further providing an overview of the stress that is induced to the heart and other such abnormalities that are hampering the heart. Taking care of your nutrition is a must, intake of green leafy fruits and vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids and having a balanced and rich diet influences brain functioning, cognition and mood, which is reflected in the HRV.

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