Nitin Chandola

Posted on - March 10, 2021

An increase in the level of potassium leads to hyperkalemia also known as high potassium. Having excessive potassium in your blood can be dangerous and may lead to a heart attack. It occurs when the kidney is not able to perform its work properly and the excess potassium is not being removed by the body. To treat Hyperkalemia, you must go on a diet plan and avoid eating food that has a high presence of potassium. The major reason behind Hyperkalemia is kidney problem make sure to visit your doctor for kidney diagnoses.

Follow the tips to keep the desired level of potassium in your body:

  • Avoid having salt and its substitutes.
  • Orange juice, coconut water, and tomato have high potassium so avoid these.
  • Ask your dietician to prepare a diet plan for you.
  • Know about the food, fruits, and drinks that have potassium in them.

The goal is to find a proper plan because intake of less potassium can also cause health issues.