Normal Sinus Rhythm

Nitin Chandola

Posted on - March 10, 2021

Sinus Rhythm is the rhythm of your heartbeat which is determined by the sinus node. The sinus node or your body’s natural pacemaker creates signals or messages that travel to the heart muscles making the heart contract or beat. Sinus rhythm shows the pattern of your heartbeat. Normal Sinus Rhythm is when the heart is beating properly and that it is in a healthy state. This means the messages are being properly communicated between the heart and its muscles.

Sinus Rhythm Arrhythmia

Beating of the heart too many times or too few times leads to the presence of an arrhythmia.

Sinus Rhythm Tachycardia:

Tachycardia occurs when too many messages are sent to the heart in a certain amount of time, leading to a faster heart rate. The pulse that causes the heart to beat is normal, but the pace of the beat is faster than usual. People with over 100 beats per minute are usually the ones with Tachycardia. It is noticed that people who have anxiety, fear, or emotional distress have higher chances of having tachycardia. It can also be due to excessive exercise or intake of too much caffeine. In some cases, tachycardia may lead to great complications like heart failure, stroke, or cardiac arrest. Treating tachycardia is hard as its causes are not fully understood. The doctor may prescribe medication depending on how fast the rhythm was and, will recommend doing certain changes to your lifestyle like:

  • The doctor may ask you to avoid situations that may cause stress, in the severe case will recommend you to a therapist.
  • Eating a diet that is good for your heart.
  • Exercising daily
  • Maintain a healthy weight.