Right Bundle Branch Block

Nitin Chandola

Posted on - March 10, 2021

Right Bundle Branch Block usually does not happen in young and healthy people, older people are more prone to having it because of the heart functioning that occurs with the age. It occurs because the signals cannot reach the lower right chamber of the heart on time. This leads to a late contraction of the right chamber in comparison to the lower left chamber of the heart. Usually having a Right Bundle Branch is no such issue but the presence of it with another heart disease may be a cause of concern. It is caused due to blockage in the lungs, high blood pressure, and damage to the right muscle of the heart, or due to any past surgery.

  • Monitoring symptoms is very important.
  • Checking in with the doctor once every 4 months is recommended for better analysis of the heart health.
  • Having a check on your diet and weight is mandatory.
  • Take a step towards quitting smoking and alcohol for a healthy life ahead.
  • Test the functioning of the lungs.