ST-Segment Myocardial Infraction

Nitin Chandola

Posted on - March 10, 2021

ST-Segment Myocardial Infraction is a type of heart attack that occurs when a part of the heart muscle is damaged or died due to the blockage of the blood in that area. The blockage arises due to the formation of plaque because of fat and cholesterol. The area that is damaged will suffer a lack of oxygen leading to chest pain and serious damages. The common symptoms that can be noticed are cold sweat, breathing problems, chest pain, and sudden dizziness. Immediate treatment is required as soon as STEMI is diagnosed. The blockage is tried to open so that permanent damage can be avoided.

Precautions one should take:

  • Maintain a healthy body and diet.
  • Join an exercise-based rehabilitation program if recovering becomes difficult.
  • Make changes to your diet, ask your detrition to make a plan for you.
  • Manage your stress.
  • Don’t smoke or take alcohol.
  • Have a check on your cholesterol level, blood pressure, and diabetes.