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How a Portable ECG Came to the Rescue of Kedarnath Yatra Pilgrims

portable ecg rescue kedarnath yatra pilgrims

In 2022, the Kedarnath Yatra, the temple opened for pilgrims from May 6 to October 24. Amidst their devotion to Lord Shiva, the enthusiastic pilgrims faced a roadblock. The large number of deaths of people caused a situation of an epidemic. Almost 100 people lost their lives due to heart attacks as per the reports by Uttarakhand Health Department. Traveling in low temperatures with low oxygen levels at high altitudes took a heavy toll on the cardiovascular health of the pilgrims. All these cardiac issues could be detected with the help of portable ecg device.

Apart from this, the sedentary lifestyles of people coupled with the traveling toil doubled the risks of heart diseases for trekkers. In this situation, saving the lives of trekkers had become a daunting task because their heart diseases were not diagnosed in time to get proper treatment. When all the hopes started to shatter, a small startup from Dehradun named Sunfox Technologies came to the rescue with their portable ECG device Spandan. 

Portable ECG Proved to be a Life-Saver

After noticing the incredible amount of deaths due to cardiac issues, Sunfox Technologies decided to take a major step. The startup joined hands with the Uttarakhand Government to set up a free three-bed screening camp at an altitude of 1829 meters. This screening camp was set up at the starting point of the pilgrimage, close to Sonprayag in July 2022. 

While citing the importance of Spandan in this screening camp, the CEO and founder of Sunfox Technologies Rajat Jain said “Our device is able to generate an ECG report without the help of the internet, using a previously tested and proven algorithm”, 

To select the pilgrims for the screening test, a questionnaire was organized by the company. For this, they trained all the local volunteers of the state. All the pilgrims with risk factors for heart disease were screened through the portable ECG device Spandan. 

Spandan Generates ECG Reports in Minutes

Through the Spadan ECG, all the people with heart attack risk factors were tested, and the reports were sent to the healthcare professionals via WhatsApp. Spandan ECG performs an ECG test within minutes and gives a trace accuracy of 99.7% on its mobile application. As Rajat Jain stated, the device requires no battery or internet to perform an ECG test, so the tests at the camp were done seamlessly without any hassle. 

The people who were found to have heart abnormalities were sent to the local physician and advised not to continue the trekking journey. This way, the portable ECG device of Sunfox Technologies came to rescue the pilgrims. 

In the first month of the health camp, Sunfox Technologies tested around 1500 people. Out of these people, 163 were identified with high blood pressure or an abnormal ECG. Moreover, 59 of these people were referred to a local physician and were either told to discontinue the journey or continue it exclusively on horses or mules. This was all done by the clinical assessment of the healthcare professionals using Spandan. 

The impact of this camp was clearly evident and the stats showed the same. In May 2022, 63 people had died of heart problems. At the same time in June 2022, 48 people lost their lives. However, after this portable ECG camp in July 2022, only 3 deaths were reported by a heart attack. Some people who were stubborn about completing the trek despite being advised not to do so also returned to the camp later with complaints of chest pain and shortness of breath. This camp successfully saved over 300 lives. 

Sunfox Technologies Made a Difference

With Spandan monitoring thousands of people, Sunfox Technologies made a difference in the realm of healthcare. This act of humanity by the startup served as a beacon of hope for those who were perplexed by the exponential increase in the number of deaths by heart attacks. Sunfox Technologies illustrated that with prompt medical diagnosis, any life could be saved and that portable ECG is the future of healthcare. 

Spandan costs 20 times less than a standard ECG device and it provides you with the ECG report with traces that can be zoomed up to 50X. This revolutionary product is continuously thriving and this camp for the rescue of Kedarnath Yatra Pilgrims was just a testament to its exceptional ability.


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