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Spandan neo

Introducing Spandan neo

Next-Gen Cardiac Care

spandan neo

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Spandan neo

Redefining ECG monitoring

Spandan neo is all set to redefine ECG tech! With an evolved design, upgraded features, and easy controls, this portable ECG device is all about convenience.

spandan neo

Effortless handling & Comfort

To lead the neo era of
heart health

The modern world deserves new-age heart-care, and Spandan neo is the device that can fulfill all ECG requirements. By letting you take an ECG at home or outdoors, Spandan neo bridges the gap between comfort and ECG monitoring.

spandan neo

Life Saving

Outstanding Features

 Versatile features that elevate ECG monitoring


Spandan neo features robust connectivity, which eliminates all kinds of connection issues. With an integrated cable, there is no need to connect the USB and electrode cables to the hardware manually.

Moisture resistant

The portable ECG device that is highly durable and moisture-resistant. It can work with great accuracy even in humid conditions.


Spandan neo offers a mind-blowing 99.7% diagnostic accuracy and gives the clearest traces possible. Designed for both doctors and non-professionals, it gives a seamless ECG experience.

Environment friendly

Spandan neo is manufactured using TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), and the packaging is made of molded pulp, which is derived from recycled paper and agricultural waste. The materials used in both the product and its packaging are biodegradable and recyclable.

Spandan neo

Medical-Grade ECG Tests

Spandan ECG offers advanced medical-grade ECG tests on your smartphone. Detect blockages, arrhythmias, take real-time ECG and hyperkalemia test, and check stress and anxiety levels.

Report Reviewed by Experts

Free & Unlimited Consultation

Share your ECG reports with us and get them manually evaluated by our Spandan ECG experts. Get in-depth interpretation and receive the analysis in 5 minutes.

Ecg result

How It Works

Watch to know how Spandan neo work and It’s results

Frequently Asked Questions

Where we aim to provide answers to the common questions you have.

It offers all the same tests as Spandan ECG, 12 Lead ECG test, Lead 2 test, Hyperkalemia test, Live ECG monitoring, and HRV test.

No, it’s not the lite version, but an upgraded version of Spandan ECG as it’s smaller in size, has a hassle-free design and is much more convenient to use.

No, it’s not waterproof but it is moisture-resistant. It can survive traces of moisture and work effectively even in humid weather.

Spandan neo is very easy to use. The device has 3 electrode cables which need to be placed on the Torso above the abdomen accordingly while taking the ECG Test: The red electrode is connected to the right arm, the Green electrode is connected to the left arm and the yellow electrodes need to be shifted from V1 to V6, Lead I, and Lead II.

Spandan neo provides automated interpretation, which means that the test results will be automatically generated through the application. The application has built-in technology to read the interpretation for the user.

Yes, all your family members can use the same device, by accessing the exclusive ‘Guest-mode’ feature in Spandan’s application.

Spandan Neo

Experience the neo era of cardiac care!
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