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Spandan Military Grade ECG

Reliable heart health monitor for tough terrains

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Spandan Military Grade

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Spandan Military Grade

Combat heart issues with Spandan Military

Conducting ECG at remote camps might be challenging due to the lack of proper medical facilities. However, the Spandan Military Grade ECG is tailored for such challenges. It is designed with a special resilient coating that protects it from moisture and dust, making it durable even in tough conditions. With its compact and convenient design, this remarkable device allows for easy and hassle-free ECG monitoring.

Spandan Military Grade


Military-Oriented Features

Versatile features for timely diagnosis of nation’s heroes

Real-Time ECG

Now you can take real-time ECG on your smartphone, regardless of extreme heights or challenging conditions.

No Battery/Internet

As it is a battery-less innovation, it requires no battery or internet connection to function, making it suitable to use at any given location.

99.7% Accuracy

Spandan Military Grade ECG has a clinical accuracy of 99.7%, which gives the clearest ECG traces and helps in timely diagnosis.


A highly durable device with robust hardware to monitor your heart rate easily and battle heart issues.

Resilient Coating

This device has a special hydrophobic coating on the PCB for moisture, dirt, and vibration protection, which makes it perfect for harsh weather.

Reliable Semiconductors

We crafted the highest-grade components for the utmost performance and reliability.

Shock Proof

Zero-defect devices and a shockproof special protection case for easy handling even on rocky grounds

Data Protection

The users on local servers have control of their data, and no data is shared with Spandan servers.

 ECG Tests

Complete Cardiac Diagnosis for the Armed Forces

Spandan Military Grade ECG offers advanced medical grade tests that you can easily take on your smartphone. You can easily detect blockages, arrhythmias, and other cardiac abnormalities. You can also take live ECG and check stress and anxiety levels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where we aim to provide answers to the common questions you have.

 It offers all the same tests as Spandan ECG, 12 Lead ECG test, Lead 2 test, Hyperkalemia test, Live ECG monitoring, and HRV test.

No, it’s not waterproof but it is moisture-resistant. It can survive traces of moisture and work effectively even in humid weather.

This device provides automated interpretation, which means that the test results will be automatically generated through the application. The application has built-in technology to read the interpretation for the user

You can easily take a 12-lead ECG with Spandan Military Grade ECG as this device consists of 3 leads for accurate and precise readings

Yes, the results are consistent with clinical ECG. You can easily take advanced medical-grade ECG with 99.7% accuracy.

Yes, Spandan Military Grade ECG has a special resilient coating that protects it from dirt, dust and moisture. It also has robust hardware that makes it suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Catch early signs of heart problems

With the help of Spandan Military Grade ECG, you can detect your heart abnormalities early for a quick diagnosis in the initial stage.

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