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Intruducing Spandan Pro

Developed especially for healthcare professionals

Spandan Pro is specially designed for cardiologists, general practitioners, and healthcare professionals. Having advanced medical features, it is consistent with the standard ECG machine and gives precise results with 99.7% accuracy.

With the Goldberger ECG system

Access Traditional method of ECG

Spandan Pro can access the Goldberger ECG system, which is an alternative to the standard ECG system. It has 10 leads that can auto-switch and give a 12 Lead ECG effectively. 

Life Saving

Outstanding Features

12 Lead ECG

 Get the Fastest 12 L ECG in 1.3 minutes with this ECG machine! The advanced auto-switching leads of Spandan Pro help in reducing the time required for taking a test, thus speeding up the ECG process.

Upgraded Mechanism

The enhanced design of Spandan Pro is much more convenient than you think! Crafted for convenience, this cutting-edge portable ECG device has enhanced controls for user-comfort.

Clearest Traces Recorded

Spandan Pro captures the most filtered & refined ECG traces with 99.7% accuracy. Experience a smooth ECG experience with the modern noise-free ECG that is crystal-clear.

50X Zoom-In

Get the closest look at your ECG traces with the unique 50X Zoom-In feature. This sets a new standard for cardiac monitoring as it helps in examining the ECG traces with perfection.

Lead Switching

Auto-switching leads that:

Reduce the time required to take an ECG

Eliminate human errors in lead selection

Improve the accuracy of the results

Simplify the ECG process

Over 35 Heart Dysfunction Detection, So You Live Worry Less


How It Works

Watch to know how Spandan Pro work and It’s results

Frequently Asked Questions

Where we aim to provide answers to the common questions you have.

Yes, Spandan Pro is a portable ECG machine, specially designed for cardiologists, general practitioners and other healthcare professionals, as it has specialized medical features.

Yes, the results are consistent with clinical ECG. Spandan Pro can also access the Goldberger ECG system which is an alternative to the traditional method of ECG.

After taking an ECG, the test results will be automatically generated through the application. You can share your reports with our team and they will manually interpret your reports. 

Yes, a personalized demo session is provided by our team wherein they demonstrate how to take an accurate ECG. Our team will guide you about the device and solve all your queries.

 You can easily take a 12-lead ECG with Spandan Pro as this device consists of 10 leads for accurate and precise readings.

Spandan Pro has much more advanced medical features and can access the Goldberger ECG system making it consistent with clinical ECG. It has 10 leads compared to Spandan’s 3 leads but both can take 12 lead ECG effortlessly. 

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