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ICMR’s Big Revelation: Connecting the Dots between COVID-19 and Heart Health

Ever since COVID-19, there has been a massive increase in the number of deaths due to heart attacks. Fitness enthusiasts, celebrities, and even young adults have succumbed to an untimely death due to heart attacks. There have been many speculations regarding these untimely deaths, and it has also created a lot of chaos and confusion among the masses.

Putting all speculations to an end, the ICMR has recently released a statement in which they have officially declared COVID-19 responsible for these increasing heart attacks. According to the ICMR, COVID-19 patients are at a higher risk of heart attacks as COVID-19 damages the heart tissues and also results in blood clots, which is a major risk factor for heart attacks. The IMA president, Dr. JA Jayalal, has advised COVID-19 patients to check their lipid profile. Along with this, he has also advised obese people to be more careful and advised young adults to avoid lifting heavy weights and overexerting themselves.

Heart attacks have always been a cause for concern. Still, with the advancement in technology, it is now possible to prevent heart attacks and reduce mortality with correct preventive measures such as lipid profile tests and timely ECG monitoring. Regular ECG monitoring can put you one step ahead of heart attacks, as it helps you get detailed heart insights. With timely detection of cardiac problems, you can get a timely diagnosis that can help you prevent heart attacks.

Increasing Heart Attacks At Workplace

With the overstressed work culture, heart attacks are becoming common in corporations. 72% of corporate employees are prone to heart disease and at a major risk of heart attacks. According to a study, work stress increases heart attack mortality by 23%. This data makes us wonder what we can do to reduce the mortality rate and what changes we can incorporate in our offices and workplaces to reduce this percentage.

To tackle the increasing number of heart attack cases in workplaces, it is important to include regular heart monitoring and health checkups. Regular health checkups can help us identify the necessary parameters of the body and help us get the diagnosis at the right time. Incorporating ECG in your First-Aid Kit at the office and home can help you check heart attack symptoms like chest pain, right away to detect whether it’s a random pain or a heart attack. Taking a 12-lead ECG can also help you detect blockages and heart abnormalities, prompting a quick diagnosis.

One Step Towards Healthier Workplace

As an initiative to transform healthcare at the workplace and make it a happier and healthier environment, Sunfox Technologies has come up with a Healthy Employee Program. The Healthy Employee Program offers a complete health analysis package for employees, wherein they provide a 12-lead ECG test, HRV test, blood pressure and sugar test, Alfa test, and haemoglobin test.

With the help of the Healthy Employee Program, you can check body parameters early and effectively, for a quick diagnosis and prevent complications. It can also help to boost the morale of your employees, as employees who feel cared for are happier and more engaged, leading to a more collaborative work environment and enhancing productivity by reducing absenteeism, resulting in higher work output.

In conclusion, as we are faced with increasing heart attacks, we must embrace a proactive approach to heart health, both in our personal lives and within the workplace. The statement by ICMR about COVID-19’s impact on heart health underscores the importance of regular monitoring, early detection, and adopting preventive measures. Healthy Employee Program, by Sunfox Technologies, sets a remarkable precedent for transforming healthcare at the workplace. By prioritizing heart health, we can mitigate the risk factors and promote well-being, ensuring that heart attacks are not just treatable but preventable, paving the way for a healthier, future for us all.


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