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5 Reasons Corporate Employees Are Prone to Heart Problems

Corporate employees serve as the backbone of any organization, dedicating long hours to yield positive outcomes. Unfortunately, in this pursuit, their own health often takes a backseat, and a sedentary lifestyle exacts a toll on their well-being, particularly their heart health. In this edition of our newsletter, we delve into the declining heart health of corporate employees and explore the contributing factors.

Exponential Heart Health Decline in Corporate Employees

In recent years, there has been a significant decline in the heart health of corporate employees, affecting both the young and middle-aged workforce. According to a recent study, only 57.96% of corporate employees under the age of 25 are deemed healthy, while 38.42% of those aged 41 to 45 fall into the healthy category.

5 Reasons Contributing to Declining Heart Health

1. Excessive Obesity in Corporate Employees

In 2023, a staggering 35.69% of total corporate employees in India were found to be overweight. Notably, the obesity rates show a stark contrast between genders, with 1203 obese males for every 733 obese females in corporate industries. This obesity is a direct result of the poor lifestyle choices made by employees, characterized by prolonged periods of sitting and consumption of unhealthy, low-nutrient foods, coupled with minimal physical activity.

2. The Threat of Hypercholesterolemia

High cholesterol levels have become commonplace among corporate employees, with 14.92% diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia in 2023. Breakdown by gender reveals 17.3% in males and 2.7% in females. Elevated cholesterol levels contribute significantly to heart problems among corporate professionals.

3. Increasing Diabetes Concerns

In addition to obesity and hypercholesterolemia, the prevalence of diabetes is steadily rising among corporate employees in India. Diabetes, often linked to being overweight and a lack of physical activity, poses a serious risk to heart health.

4. Work Stress and Its Impact on the Heart

The demanding nature of corporate life exposes employees to persistent work stress. This chronic stress affects employees’ Heart Rate Variability (HRV), leading to issues such as anxiety and depression, which, in turn, impact heart health.

5. Sleep Deprivation’s Negative Impact

Balancing work and personal life often leaves many employees unable to enjoy restful sleep. Habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption further contribute to sleep disturbances. Sleep deprivation, in turn, leads to cardiovascular problems, affecting employees in various ways.

Need For Quick Action

For corporate employees to thrive, prioritizing their heart health is crucial, as it directly impacts both their well-being and the success of their respective companies. This newsletter has covered all potential reasons that could lead to heart problems in corporate employees, highlighting the need for swift measures to avoid these risk factors.


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