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Spandan ECG: 6 Advanced Diagnostic Tests

Author:- Mr. Ritesh Sharma

Spandan ECG is a portable ECG device that performs electrocardiogram tests at the user’s convenience, whether at home or on the go. It boasts a trace accuracy of 99.7%, making it the most efficient in the category of portable ECG devices. 

Furthermore, there are 6 Spandan ECG Advanced Diagnostic Tests that the device is capable of performing. These diagnostic tests take minimal effort from the users or healthcare professionals and provide the most accurate results possible. Through these diagnostic tests, different heart health abnormalities through abnormal ECG and other detection parameters can be identified. 

In this blog we will delve into all these diagnostic tests that make Spandan ECG a portable ECG maching cut above the rest. 

6 Advanced Diagnostic Tests by Spandan ECG

Spandan ECG performs six advanced diagnostic tests that no other portable ECG device offers. These tests are the 12 Lead ECG, Lead II ECG, Hyperkalemia, Live ECG Monitoring, Heart Rate Variability, and Heart Risk Calculator. These tests provide users with a vivid picture of the electrical activity of their hearts and identify even minor abnormalities with razor-sharp finesse. Let’s take a deep dive into these tests below.

1. 12 Lead ECG

The 12 Lead ECG test is performed to detect arrhythmia and myocardial infarctions. It is also the 360-degree test of the heart, which gives complete information about P-wave abnormalities, QRS complex abnormalities, and T-wave abnormalities. It takes 3 to 5 minutes to perform this test, and a two-page report for it is generated in the Spandan ECG application. The 12-lead ECG is based on the Reconstruction method by using clinically accepted methods, i.e., with only 8 Leads acquisition the 12 leads are derived.

2. Lead II ECG (Arrhythmia Test)

The Lead II ECG test is for the detection of cardiac arrhythmia (irregularities in the heart rhythm). This test takes 10 seconds to identify the arrhythmia of different arrhythmia classification and gives a one-page report indicating the classification of arrhythmia. The heart rhythm in this test is interpreted as normal, borderline, or abnormal based on the heart’s electrical activity of the patient. To perform this test, three leads are connected to the patient in accordance with the given description, and the device is connected to the mobile phone for report generation.

3. Hyperkalemia Test (7 Lead ECG Test)

The Hyperkalemia Test (also known as the 7 Lead ECG test) is performed to detect the high level of potassium in the blood. In this, the ST segment of the ECG is detected using 7 leads Precordial (V1 to V6) leads and Lead II (limb lead). These leads are attached to the patient, and the device is connected to the phone. It takes 1 minute to perform this test, and a two-page report is generated.

4. Live ECG Monitoring

The Live ECG Monitoring test provides the patient with 24/7 rhythm detection of their hearts. This test is performed in real-time on the application, and no report is generated. This is a distinct feature of the Spandan ECG device, which makes it cut above the rest in the realm of healthcare.

5. Heart Rate Variability

In this test, the patient gets an overview of their stress, anxiety, electrical stability, and vagus function. The device records the Lead II for the duration of five minutes, which is interpreted based on the time domain and frequency domain too. A three-page report is generated in this test on the Spandan ECG application.

The Spandan ECG Advanced Diagnostic Tests are a testament to the device’s range to perform varied heart tests that easily detect different heart abnormalities. These tests are super easy to perform and give reliable results every time.

6. Heart Risk Calculator

The Heart Risk Calculator is a cushion app-based test that can be performed directly on the application of Spandan ECG without connecting the device to the mobile. This test takes a survey of the user based on their daily lifestyles and gives them a riskometer that identifies how much their hearts are at risk. This test is based on the Framingham Risk Score, which is highly reliable for determining cardiovascular risks.

Spandan ECG is a portable ECG machine that is competent in detecting different heart abnormalities ranging from fleeting heart palpitations to something as dangerous as heart attacks. With its cutting-edge technology and staggering features, the product is a staple for ECG tests in the realm of heart health. Sunfox Technologies proud of the device’s ability to perform the most varied tests in the most accurate and convenient way possible.


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