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Spandan ECG: A Game-Changer in Portable Cardiac Monitoring

Spandan ecg

Author:- Mr. Ritesh Sharma

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of heart attacks. This global issue propelled Sunfox, a startup based in Dehradun to take a remarkable step forward to prevent this global chaos. Sunfox’s benchmark product, Spandan ECG, has played an important role in saving numerous lives by allowing early detection of heart problems not only at home but also in clinics, making a significant impact in the fight against heart attacks.Sunfox Technologies was founded as a Research and Development Lab, in 2016. Born in the lap of the Himalayas, Sunfox strives to come up with advanced health-tech solutions that can improve healthcare by providing better and more accurate diagnoses, developing more effective treatments, and enhancing patient monitoring.The main goal behind this health-tech startup was to revolutionize the healthcare industry and create innovative solutions to address the challenges of modern healthcare with products like Spandan that are capable of performing ECG at home or on the go.Sunfox is primarily focused on creating many portable, affordable, and accessible healthcare innovations for the future so that it can help every segment of society grow and flourish.

Revolutionizing the health-tech industry with a pocket-sized portable Spandan ECG

Sunfox has been revolutionizing the health-tech industry with its flagship product, Spandan ECG. Spandan is a 12-lead portable ECG device that detects even the slightest heart irregularities with a remarkable 99.7% clinical accuracy. With advanced technology, it provides clinically accurate results and gives a detailed insight into cardiac health. It has a compact design that allows for easy and hassle-free ECG monitoring both at home and in clinical settings.The best part about this revolutionary product is that it requires no battery or internet connection, making it a radiation-free and eco-conscious experience. Its ergonomic design combines form and function seamlessly, making the Spandan portable ECG Device the perfect choice for those seeking unparalleled cardiac monitoring solutions.Spandan’s advanced algorithm gives you the clearest trace ever that can be zoomed up to 50X and even detect minute changes with precision. It’s not just an ordinary heart ECG device; it is the first-ever to offer a complimentary and boundless interpretation for life, making it truly exceptional.Sunfox Technologies has a series of advanced portable ECG devices. The basic portable ECG device that Sunfox Technologies initially launched was Spandan Legacy. Let’s discuss this device’s features in detail below:-

Spandan Legacy

It is a highly accurate ECG device through which you can perform ecg at home using a mobile application. The following are some key features of Spandan ECG Legacy:-

  • 99.7% Trace Accuracy:-
    The trace accuracy of Spandan Legacy is 99.7% offering the most reliable ECG test results. Moreover, the ECG has a sensitivity of 98.9%. This heightened sensitivity enhances the device’s ability to detect minor irregularities, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.
  • No Battery/ Internet Required:-
    It is the only portable ECG machine that does not require a battery or internet connection to function.
  • Smooth User Interface:-
    Spandan Legacy is extremely easy to use and operate. The UI of the Spandan ECG application is tailored for simplicity, ensuring hassle-free ECG monitoring.
  • No Limit on the Number of ECG Tests:-
    You can take as many ECG tests as you want, there is no specified limit to the number of tests.

How to perform ECG at home in four simple steps?

You can perform your ECG at home using Spandan ECG and detect normal ECG and abnormal ECG through the following steps:-

  • Step 1 – Go to Play Store and download the Spandan ECG app 
  • Step 2 – Connect Spandan Pro to your smartphone using micro cable USB 
  • Step 3 – Place the electrodes on your chest as indicated in the app 
  • Step 4 – Take your ECG test and generate report

Series of Spandan Portable ECG Devices

The details about the other portable ecg devices offered by Sunfox Technologies and their respective features are below:-

  • Spandan neo stands out with its innovative features, including connected cables and moisture resistance, making it a robust and compact device suitable for medical professionals and households alike. 
  • Spandan Pro is tailored for clinical settings and healthcare providers. Offering access to the Goldberger ECG system and utilizing AI-operated auto-switching leads to accelerating the ECG tests, ultimately reducing the margin for human error. These advancements in ECG technology mark a significant stride in cardiac healthcare.
  • Spandan Military-Grade is a highly durable device with robust hardware and reliable semiconductors. Ensuring national security, this portable ECG device prioritizes data protection. Users control their data on local servers, with no sharing with Spandan servers

Spandan ECG Test Module

  • 12 Lead ECG Test: The Spandan 12-lead ECG test is the diagnostic test for the detection of ST-elevated myocardial infarction (STEMI) or heart attack. It can detect abnormalities such as P-wave ECG abnormalities, QRS complex abnormalities, and T-wave abnormalities. 
  • Lead II Test (Arrhythmia Test):  Spandan Lead II test takes the lead for the 10-second period and provides a detailed arrhythmia detection report of different arrhythmia classification. The interpretation of rhythm as normal, borderline, and abnormal is provided by the classification of arrhythmias.
  •   7 Lead ECG Test (Hyperkalemia Test): 7-Lead is the quick test taken for the detection of the ST segment. Elevation and Inversion in the Precordial (V1 to V6) and Lead II limb Leads.
  • Live ECG monitoring:  Live ECG monitoring gives real-time data on heart conditions and an in-depth analysis of heart health.
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Test:  Spandan HRV test records Lead II for a duration of five minutes, which is interpreted based on the time domain and frequency domain too. 

The HRV Test measures the normal Heartbeat in 4 categories:

  • Heart Health Analysis – It detects the pace of the heart rhythm such as heart palpitations and classifies the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous responses of other organs in the body.
  • Heart Stress Coping Ability – This feature detects the level of heart stress due to lifestyle disorders and its capability to recover the stress.
  • HRV Test Analysis – The heart rate variability test analysis interprets the variation in the heart rates over the duration of five minutes and classifies it under the categories of normal HRV, high normal HRV, low mid-HRV, and low HRV.
  • Heart Electrical Stability Test Analysis – This test determines the electrical stability of the heart by interpreting the ST segment elevation in simple and comprehensible language. The abnormality in the ST segment of the ECG, if found, is depicted in terms of the risk of cardiac disease and high or low electrical stability.

Global Impact of Spandan ECG

Sunfox’s Spandan ECG was developed with a mission to save lives from heart attacks. Its impact has extended across the globe, earning the trust of the international medical community. With over thirty thousand doctors now integrating Spandan into their clinics, it has become an invaluable tool in the fight against heart-related issues, contributing to enhanced patient care and early intervention in heart health.In response to the alarming rise in heart attack cases in the sacred Dham of Kedarnath, in 2022, Team Sunfox took proactive measures to address the health concerns of pilgrims. They established free ECG testing camps at Kedarnath, offering pilgrims access to crucial heart health tests. With their relentless and unwavering efforts, the team identified and referred over 300 critical cases for immediate medical attention.Sunfox Technologies has achieved a groundbreaking transformation in the health-tech industry through its benchmark product, Spandan ECG. This innovative solution has had a profound impact on healthcare by enabling early detection, effectively preventing heart attacks, and ultimately saving lives globally. 


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