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Spandan ECG Clarifies Gastric Pain in Chest vs Cardiac Chest Pain

Gastric Pain in chest

Author:- Mr. Ritesh Sharma

The realm of healthcare was forever revolutionized with the invention of Spandan. This pocket-sized portable ECG machine busted many cardiovascular myths and helped users determine the difference between normal gastric pain in chest and cardiac chest pain through seamless portable ECG tests. Spandan ECG has not only offered a cutting-edge portable ECG machine to users but with its accessibility, it has debunked many myths prevalent in the domain of cardiovascular health as well. 

One of these myths is the staggering difference between gastric pain in chest and cardiac chest pain. Spandan ECG clarifies it by providing a comprehensive look at the heart’s electrical activity through P-wave, QRS complex, and T waves in the electrocardiogram test. Let’s learn more about Spandan’s way of busting this particular myth and telling the glaring contrast between the two types of chest pains below.

Gastric Pain in Chest vs. Cardiac Chest Pain: Debunking the Myths

There is a preconceived notion among people that chest pain mostly manifests as a cardiac problem. However, the reality is stark. The truth is that not every chest pain is a cardiac problem and the pain in the chest can also manifest itself as a gastric problem and a non-cardiac problem.

Chest pain with accompanying symptoms like digestive issues may indicate gastric pain in chest. However, chest pain with accompanying symptoms like heart palpitations, shortness of breath, cold sweats, etc may indicate cardiac pain. This can be easily identified by normal ECG and abnormal ECG on the Spandan portable ECG machine.

Why does Gastric Pain in Chest Occur?

Let’s first try to understand why gastric pain in chest occurs. Gastric pain (commonly referred to as heartburn or indigestion) occurs when the stomach acid disrupts the lining of the food pipe (esophagus). The discomfort caused by this pain radiates to the chest area and you start experiencing pain mimicking the symptoms of cardiac chest pain. 

The gastric pain in chest is mostly triggered by consuming spicy or acidic foods, overeating, stress, smoking, or certain medications. It is important to distinguish between gastric pain in chest and the cardiac chest pain through the accompanying symptoms and timely detection.

How Does Cardiac Chest Pain Occur?

As we suggested earlier, there is a stark contrast between gastric pain in chest and cardiac chest pain. The latter occurs when the blood flow to the heart muscle is reduced. The lack of blood flow to the heart muscle could be due to a blockage in the coronary arteries (blood vessels that transport oxygenated blood to the heart’s muscle). 

Unlike gastric pain in chest, the cardiac chest pain radiates to the arms, shoulders, neck, jaw, or back. In addition, this pain is accompanied by symptoms such as shortness of breath, sweating, dizziness/ lightheadedness, etc. The common triggers for cardiac chest pain include physical exertion, emotional stress, or exposure to cold temperatures. 

Contrary to gastric pain in chest, cardiac chest pain is must more dangerous. If left undiagnosed and untreated for a long period of time, this pain can cause problems like a heart attack and other cardiovascular issues. Hence, detection of it using a test like an ECG becomes very crucial for timely treatment. 

The Role of Spandan ECG

Spandan ECG can identify the origin of chest pain through its groundbreaking ability to perform 12-lead ECG tests and give its reports within a few minutes on your smartphone. This astounding feature of the portable ECG machine gives you unparalleled insights into the heart’s electrical activity. 

You can identify if the pain in the chest stems from a cardiac problem through p-wave ECG abnormality, t-wave abnormality, and QRS complex abnormality. All these integral parts of the electrocardiogram are represented in the most vivid manner by the Spandan portable ECG machine

Live ECG Monitoring for Comprehensive Evaluation

Spandan ECG also provides users with the feature of live ECG monitoring. Through this feature, patients suffering from chest pain can monitor their ECGs live anytime and anywhere on their smartphones. Apart from this, they can let their healthcare professionals know their ECG traces at that particular moment to immediately start the treatment. 

Comprehensive Tests and Accurate Detection

Spandan ECG is the only portable ECG machine that provides you with a wide range of comprehensive tests and accurate detection. With its stupendous features, it can detect 12 different arrhythmias (irregularities in the heart rhythm) of different arrhythmia classification. Hence, if the chest pain arises due to a cardiac arrhythmia, you find it out immediately. 

Apart from this, Spandan ECG is also competent in accurately detecting 14 types of myocardial infractions and ischemia and 13 types of heart dysfunctions. Chest pain arising due to these hazardous cardiac conditions can easily detected by the portable ECG machine.

How to Perform 12-Lead ECG Using Spandan During Chest Pain?

During chest pain of any kind, the patient tends to panic and start finding solutions for detection. In this scenario having Spandan ECG with you helps in prompt medical intervention. You can perform a 12-lead ECG test using the portable ECG machine in four simple steps. The following is a list of these steps:- 

  1. Download the Spandan ECG application through Google Playstore. 
  2. Connect the pocket-sized portable ECG machine to your smartphone using the provided USB cable.  
  3. Place the electrodes on the body of the patient as indicated in the manual provided with the device. 
  4. Generate the report and send it to the healthcare professional online for prompt medical intervention. 

In conclusion, a portable ECG machine like Spandan ECG significantly helps differentiate gastric pain in chest and the cardiac pain. With the help of an ECG at home or on the go, you can identify the risk your chest pain poses in emergency situations. Furthermore, through the live ECG monitoring feature of Spandan, you can track the momentary fluctuations in your ECG traces live on your smartphone. 

This symbiotic relationship between Spandan ECG and health tech is beneficial for the patients in every way possible. With its impeccable technology, the pocket-size ECG device is debunking myths and breaking new ground in the domain of healthcare every day.


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