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Understanding Abnormal ECG Waves: Insights from Spandan ECG

Abnormal ecg waves

Author:- Mr. Ritesh Sharma

Electrocardiogram is one of the most important diagnostic tests in the realm of heart health. Through this test, we get a vivid picture of the electrical activity of the heart. It helps us determine the abnormal ECG waves which in turn leads to the detection of different heart abnormalities. While the concept of abnormal ECG waves is rather intricate, it is important to have a basic understanding of it and learn new insights into your heart health. 

Before we delve into abnormal ECG waves, let’s try to understand how an ECG test works. There are three basic components of an ECG test. These components are P-wave, QRS complex, and T-wave. P-wave represents the contraction of atria, QRS complex represents the contraction of ventricles and T-wave represents the recovery of ventricles after contraction. 

When all these components work together in harmony, we get a healthy heart. However, disruption in any of these components causes abnormal ECG waves. To determine these ECG waves, Spandan ECG, a portable ECG machine comes in handy. Let’s learn more about abnormal ECG waves and the roles of spandan ECG in determining them in the blog below. 

What are Abnormal ECG Waves?

Abnormal ECG waves represent all kinds of abnormalities in the heart. These abnormalities range from arrhythmias of different arrhythmia classification to hypertrophy and enlargement. The following is the detailed information about the abnormal ECG waves:- 

  • Arrhythmia: Arrhythmia or Cardiac Arrhythmia is a condition in which the heart beats abnormally. In simpler terms, it either beats too fast, too slow, or irregularly. In the domain of an ECG, arrhythmia is represented by P-wave ECG abnormalities in which there are irregular P-waves. Furthermore, QRS complex abnormalities like irregularly spaced QRS complexes also represent it. Both cause a disease called Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) which causes heart palpitations. Apart from this, prolonged PR intervals cause bradycardia, which manifests as a slower heart rate than the normal range of 60 beats per minute. 
  • Ischemia or Infarction: Ischemia or Infarction are the blockages in the coronary arteries (arteries that supply oxygenated blood to the heart), through which the blood flow to the heart is either completely blocked or partial. Both occur due to abnormalities in the ST segment. ST-segment elevation indicates myocardial infarction (in simpler terms heart attack) in which the blood flow in the coronary arteries is completely blocked. On the other hand, ST-segment depression indicates myocardial ischemia, in which there is partial blood flow to the heart through the coronary arteries. 
  • Conduction Abnormalities: There are two types of conduction abnormalities in the heart that are indicated by normal and abnormal ECG. These conduction abnormalities occur in Bundle Branch Blocks and AV blocks. The abnormalities in the bundle branch blocks are indicated by the widened QRS complexes. On the other hand, the abnormalities in the AV block are indicated by prolonged PR intervals or dropped beats. 
  • Hypertrophy and Enlargement: Abnormalities in the ECG waves indicate left ventricular hypertrophy and right atrial enlargement. The left ventricular hypertrophy is due to increased amplitude and duration of the QRS complex. At the same time, the right atrial enlargement is due to tall, peaked P waves in leads II, III, and aVF. 

Significance of Abnormal ECG Waves

The abnormal ECG waves due to various heart problems signify numerous things:-

  • All kinds of arrhythmias causing abnormal ECG waves signify irregularities in the heart rhythms causing disruptions in the heart’s electrical activity. 
  • Infarction and Ischemia signify insufficient blood flow through the coronary arteries to the heart or damage in the heart’s muscle. 
  • Abnormalities in the conduction signify the abnormalities that cause chaos in the heart’s electrical pathways. 
  • Hypertrophy and enlargement signify the changes in the structure of the heart. 

Role of Spandan ECG in Detecting Abnormal ECG Waves

Spandan ECG plays a significant role in detecting abnormal ECG waves. It is a portable ECG machine that can perform an ECG test at home or on the go at the user’s convenience. So, if you ever suspect abnormal ECG waves, you can perform an ECG test using only 4 steps:- 

  1. Download the Spandan ECG application on your smartphone. 
  2. Connect the portable ECG machine to your smartphone using a data cable. 
  3. Place the electrodes on the patient in accordance with the positions mentioned in the manual. 
  4. Generate the reports and detect the ECG abnormalities.

Spandan ECG Offers the Utmost Precision

Spandan ECG is a portable ECG machine that offers the utmost precision when it comes to conducting ECG tests. We claim 99.7% of the trace accuracy in the ECG test. By detecting abnormal ECG waves, the device can identify 12 types of arrhythmias, 13 types of heart dysfunctions, and 14 types of Myocardial Infarction and ischemia. 

The traces of ECG formed in the report of Spandan ECG zoomed in up to 50 times, so you get the clearest traces possible. Once you obtain your report through the portable ECG machine, send it to your healthcare professional to learn about further treatment procedures.

Benefits of Managing Abnormal ECG Waves through Spandan ECG

The benefits of managing abnormal ECG waves through Spandan ECG are prompt medical intervention, no abnormal ECG episodes missed and 24*7 ECG monitoring. Learn more about these benefits  through the Spandan ECG device:- 

  1. No Abnormal Episodes Missed: You can conduct an ECG anytime and anywhere, so no episodes of abnormal ECG waves on the test are missed. 
  2. Saving the Hassle of Visiting Hospitals Frequently: The portable ECG machine saves you the hassle of visiting hospitals again and again for an ECG test. 
  3. Connect with the doctor Online: After performing an ECG test, you can send the report directly to your healthcare professional and take his/her insights into your abnormal ECG waves. 
  4. Prompt Medical Intervention: In cases where prompt medical intervention is required, Spandan ECG is the best bet for an immediate ECG test. 
  5. Live ECG Monitoring 24×7: Through the feature of Live ECG monitoring, the device offers 24×7 information on the ECG traces, so you can learn about any abnormalities in your heart’s electrical activity immediately. 

Abnormal ECG waves can occur due to a multitude of irregularities in the heart’s functioning and structure. However, a portable ECG machine like Spandan ECG makes the process of detecting these abnormalities easier with its user-friendly design and staggering features. When it comes to detecting abnormal ECG waves at your convenience, Spandan ECG is the most competent portable ECG machine in the business.


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