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Shark Tank India judge Anupam Mittal says the startups he invested in grew ‘3x to 25x’

Anupam Mittal

The Shark Tank India judge Anupam Mittal is elated to announce that the startups he invested in grew from 3x to 25x. The CEO and Founder of is one of the most celebrated sharks on the show. While citing his happiness for the investments he has been a part of, he shared a post on Instagram with the CEO and Founder of Sunfox Technologies, Rajat Jain. In the caption of the post, Anupam wrote that the business of Sunfox Technologies has increased 5 times since cracking the all 5 Shark deal on the show. 

Not only this but Anupam also shared that other companies he invested in grew from 3x to 25x. He thinks this is the impact of cracking a deal on Shark Tank India that small startups are growing into big companies within a span of a few months. This theory does hold true for a startup like Sunfox Technologies, which with its revolutionary product Spandan, has grown substantially ever since cracking the deal 1 Cr for 6% of equity on Shark Tank India.

Anupam Mittal Thoughts on Growth of Sunfox Technologies

Ever since Sunfox Technologies got the investment from Shark Tank India, the startup has left no stone unturned in expanding its growth. Spandan has now diagnosed more than 100k individuals with 75k+ application downloads. The product has now launched 4 variants- Spandan Legacy, Spandan Pro, Spandan Neo, and Spandan Military Grade. These variants are bought by thousands of users across 15 countries. 

The instagram post of Anupam Mittal is a testament to the stupendous success of Sunfox Technologies and their product Spandan. Mittal’s post underscore the insatiable appetite of growing startups to be the best in business and this appetite has grown the stature of Sunfox Technologies exponentially. 

10k+ doctors prefer Spandan in their clinics and 30k+ happy users use Spandan for their regular ECG monitoring. Hence along with growing its business, Sunfox Technologies has also earned an abundance of love and praise from users all across the world. This indicates both the financial and brand growth of Sunfox Technologies. 

Noble Initiatives by Sunfox Technologies

Apart from growing a big business, Sunfox Technologies has also made a difference in society by being a part of many noble initiatives. In July 2022, when the number of deaths of Kedarnath Pilgrims was exponentially increasing, the company came to the rescue by setting up ECG camps at an altitude of 1829 meters. This camp saved 300+ lives and reduced the death count from heart attacks from 68 in May 2022 to 3 in July 2022. 

Another noble initiative Sunfox Technologies was a part of was the deployment of Spandan ECG devices in remote and underserved areas. Team Sunfox deployed hundreds of portable ECG devices to people in rural areas who did not have access to them. Since the device requires no internet or battery usage, people living in villages or remote areas can easily perform ECG tests on their smartphones and promptly share their reports with healthcare professionals. 

These are just a few examples of a substantial difference made by Sunfox Technologies in the realm of healthcare. The company is constantly making efforts to reduce cardiovascular diseases all around the world with many initiatives like these.

Transforming Heart Care for Everyone

With the consistent business growth of Sunfox Technologies, the company is transforming heart care for everyone every day. Spandan ECG has brought a revolution in the domain of health tech and it is constantly thriving and making a difference through its staggering features that are improving in the hands of the best team possible. Now, the company aims to break new ground by indulging in more heart health initiatives and setting an example for the generation to be heart-healthy forever. 


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