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Shark Tank India: After Securing An ‘All Sharks Deal,’ Sale Of Spandan, A Portable ECG Device Has Shot Up!

sale of spandan

The Shark Tank India Season 1 was quite an eventful affair. Many entrepreneurs changed their lives by cracking profitable deals throughout the season. One of these companies was Sunfox Technologies. This startup from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, brought Spandan ECG- a revolutionary portable ECG product, to the show and cracked the All-Sharks deal.  Now, the sale of spandan has had a great surge and the revenue of the company has grown substantially.

The founder and CEO of Sunfox Technologies Rajat Jain along with co-founders Nitin Chandola, Sabit Rawat, and Saurabh Badola pitched the product Spandan in front of 5 sharks. Impressed by the pitch, sharks gave them the offer of 1 Cr for 6% of equity which was happily accepted by the entrepreneurs. 

Ever since that Shark Tank India episode aired all across the country, the sales of Spandan have shot up and it completely soars in the market now. Sunfox Technologies has come really far since that Shark Tank India deal and has grown to be one of the most profitable investments of the show.

Surge in Sale of Spandan

After the Shark Tank India episode featuring the entrepreneurs of Sunfox Technologies came out, the sale of spandan substantially increased. While expressing his happiness about this revenue surge, the CEO and founder of the company Rajat Jain said “Our lives have changed after coming on Shark Tank India. We are receiving calls from India and all over the world. Our revenue has increased by 40x. We are being reached for distribution and partnership. I thank Sony TV, Shark Tank India, and all ‘sharks’ for giving me this opportunity”. 

Apart from this, one of the Sharks who was part of the Sunfox Technologies deal Anupam Mittal (CEO and Founder of said that the sale of spandan has increased 5 times since November 2022. This indicates the enormous business surge of Sunfox Technologies since appearing in Shark Tank India Season 1. 

Where Does Sunfox Technologies Stand Now?

With a substantial boost in revenue through astonishing sale of Spandan, Sunfox Technologies has come too far now. The company has detected 100K+ individuals through its pocket-sized ECG device Spandan ECG. There have been 75k+ downloads of the product application and the company has expanded its reach over 15+ countries. 

Not only this but 10k+ doctors also prefer Spandan for ECG tests of their patients in their clinics. All this has contributed to the business of this start-up  which is constantly thriving and has 30k+ happy users till now. 

About Spandan

Spandan ECG embodies the technological advancement of ECG products in the realm of heart health. It is a portable ECG device that weighs about 12 to 14 grams and lets you perform an ECG at your convenience at home or on the go. Sunfox Technologies is currently selling 4 variants of the ECG device. These variants are Spandan Legacy, Spandan Pro, Spandan Neo, and Spandan Military Grade. The following are the basic features of the portable ECG device:-

  • 12 Lead ECG on smartphone: Take 12 Lead ECG on your smartphone with Spandan ECG device. Detect blockages, heart attack symptoms, and heart abnormalities instantly.
  • Needs No Battery/Internet: Spandan ECG is the only portable ECG machine that does not require a battery or internet connection to function.
  • Clinical Accuracy: It offers a clinical accuracy of 99.7% that can detect even the minute ECG changes. It has the highest accuracy in the portable ECG segment.
  • Sharpest Sensitivity: This heightened sensitivity enhances the device’s ability to detect minor irregularities, providing a comprehensive view of your cardiac health. 
  • Easy to Use: The user interface of the Spandan ECG application is tailored for simplicity, ensuring hassle-free ECG monitoring.
  • Clearest Traces: Spandan 12 lead ECG provides the clearest and most filtered ECG traces, that are sharp and precise. The traces can also be zoomed up to 50X.

Rajat Jain’s Vision with Spandan

The CEO and Founder of Sunfox Technologies Rajat Jain has no desire to stop here, he wants the product the revolutionize heart care forever. The company aims to keep up the growth and change more and more lives with its pocket-sized wonder Spandan. Team Sunfox is dedicated and will stop at nothing to make Spandan reach all corners of the world where healthcare requires a companion like Spandan to succeed and grow.


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