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Spandan ECG Features: Innovation of the Portable ECG Machine

portable ecg device

Author:- Mr. Ritesh Sharma

The health-tech has taken many big strides in recent times. One of these huge technological leaps was the invention of the Spandan ECG. This portable ECG machine boasted some astounding features in the realm of ECG technology and cemented its place as one of the finest innovations in the domain of healthcare. What made this ECG machine cut above the rest was its staggering features. 

The Spandan 4.0 portable 12 lead ECG device features are some of the finest that make it super convenient to the users as well as the healthcare professionals. It showcased features that trumped traditional ECG monitoring and compelled everyone to adopt it in their daily lives. All the features of  ECG  machine represent the effort that was put into making this revolutionary ECG machine and sustaining it for a considerable period of time. 

Let’s study all its features and learn how this 12-14 gram pocket-sized miracle made a substantial impact on the field of health tech. We have segregated the features of the device into hardware and UI to give the users a more comprehensive understanding of the portable ECG machine.

Spandan ECG Features

Spandan ECG is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Therefore, its hardware design is super smooth and loaded with a plethora of staggering features:- 

  1. Portable ECG Machine: The ECG device is portable, so you can carry it with you anywhere you go, and perform an ECG test wherever you want. 
  2. Lightweight: The weight of this portable ECG machine is about 12 grams, which makes it effortless to handle.
  3. Requires No Battery: The device requires no battery, you just need to connect it to your smartphone and it will consume your phone’s battery. Hence, performing ECG at home or on the go becomes easier. Spandan’s battery-free operation aligns with eco-friendly practices by reducing the need for disposable batteries, contributing to a more sustainable approach to healthcare technology. 
  4. Works Offline: The portable ECG device can function without the internet making it a unique innovation in the realm of healthcare. This feature makes it an ideal choice for use in remote or non-internet locations.
  5. Three Chest Leads: It only contains three chest leads, so performing an ECG test using it becomes easier while traveling somewhere far. 
  6. Direct Smartphone Connectivity: It is super easy to connect the device to your smartphone as a C-type and a D-type USB cable is provided with the portable ECG machine. 
  7. Convenient Design: The design of this ECG machine  is very convenient and simple, so even a complicated test like an electrocardiogram becomes simple with its usage. 
  8. No Harmful Radiations: No component of the ECG device emits any harmful radiations, so it poses no harm to the environment.

Software Features of Spandan ECG

The portable heart rate monitor has an application on the Google Play store that has a seamless user interface and an abundance of in-built features to perform all of its 6 advanced diagnostic tests. The following is a list of all the features the Spandan ECG application consists of:- 

  1. Smooth Application User Interface: The Spandan ECG application user interface is extremely smooth and convenient for all users. All the options on the screen are strategically placed in such a way that users easily access them. Moreover, it takes only a few minutes to generate ECG reports and present them on the screen. 
  2. Comprehensive User Manual: The application of the portable ECG machine has a comprehensive user manual through which you can learn all the steps to perform an ECG test. 
  3. Guest-User Mode: The application has a guest-user mode feature which allows you to perform an ECG test without taking your demographic information. Hence, you can promptly perform the test in your time of need and afterward enter your information. 
  4. Health Risk Meter: The mobile application has a health risk meter that presents the severity of the risk factor for your heart health ranging from low to high. 
  5. 6 Varied Tests: The application has features to perform 6 varied tests related to heart health, these tests include a 12 Lead ECG Test, Lead II ECG Test, Hyperkalemia Test, Heart Rate Variability Test, and Heart Risk Calculator. 
  6. Clearest ECG Traces: On conducting an ECG test on the Spandan ECG application, you get the clearest ECG traces.
  7. 50X Zoom-In of the Traces: The traces obtained in the reports on the application can be zoomed in up to 50X. Therefore, you get the most accurate picture of the heart’s electrical activity and even the most minute heart abnormalities can be detected. 
  8. PDF Form of the Reports: The reports you get on performing an ECG test on the Spandan ECG application can be saved in the form of a PDF. You can download a soft copy of these reports and send them to your healthcare professional. 

The Spandan ECG features underscore the groundbreaking nature of the portable ECG machine. With these exemplary features, Spandan ECG is a staple for all the portable ECG machines in the market and it strives to improve its quality day by day. With all of its 4 variants- Spadan Legacy, Spandan Pro, Spandan Neo, and Spandan- Military-Grade, Spandan ECG is the most reliable and convenient ECG device in the domain of healthcare.


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